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Little Blue Wonders

While turquoise may be the most well known stone (and still the most commonly used in Southwestern states) when it comes to celebrating the month of December, we wanted to take a quick look into what makes the other two stones associated with the month so special. While blue zircon has been known since ancient times (its name is likely derived from ancient Persian, meaning “golden colored”), tanzanite was a relatively late discovery in the gem world. Found  in 1967 in Tanzania, tanzanites have risen in the ranks of preferred gemstones. Perhaps a reason for this late discovery is that many tanzanites are so light in color and delicate in hardness that early gem-cutters turned away the proffered stones, mistaking them for only pedestrian glass. For this reason, most tanzanite stones are heat-treated, deepening the characteristic blue of the gem and dispersing the yellow and brown tints that interfere with the gem’s more vibrant coloring. Similarly, while the zircon’s name refers to its golden color, zircon, particularly those used in celebrating the month of December, are most commonly blue. Blue and translucent zircons are also heat treated, and are often round cut as their brilliance and reflective index complements the diamond so perfectly. Zircons come in such a variety of colors due to impurities in the stone, some of which are just slightly radioactive. Surprisingly, the more radioactive stones are harder to find given that serious collectors snatch them off the market almost instantaneously. Australia is the leading supplier of zircon, but deposits are also found in Thailand, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Cambodia, Canada and the United States.

Why We Love Them?

Each of these stones is affordable and budget friendly, and can be found in a variety of settings and paired with all metals. Either of these stones is also a stunning substitute to the far more expensive sapphire, and clear zircons even make a passable substitute for diamonds. Additionally, the shades of blue found in tanzanite and zircon serve as a wonderful antidote to wintertime blues. Their contrasting colors with the dark earth tones so frequent this time of year make a stunning and refreshing statement. That said, if you are more into hibernating under the covers this winter, zircons are also believed to induce sleep, as well as ward off evil and promote prosperity. We can’t think of a better token of success for entering into a new year!

Beyond our selection of fine jewelry, we also have a variety of loose tanzanites and zircons, perfect for custom designs and one-of-a-kind looks. For loose stone options, and an even wider selection of tanzanite and zircon jewelry visit us on the 16h Street Mall in Denver, call us at 303.592.1695, or email us at jewelers@williamcrow.com.

Ring in a Year of Prosperity

The hardness of each of these stones make them unusual choices for ring-wear, but the expert cut and setting from our partners at Dilamani make these rings an easy choice for daily wear. We love the pairing with white gold on each of these wintry looks, and the subtle pop of color with the yellow gold on the tanzanite ring takes our breath away.

Suite Success

This lovely suite of blue zircon jewelry showcases all that the blue zircon has to offer. In a shade of blue that perfectly mirrors the mid-Decmber sky, the diamond halo and stunning 18K white gold setting, will make you feel more Snow Queen and less bedraggled shopper just trying to get through the holidays.

A Look For Everyone

These tanzanite pieces showcase the variability of looks offered at our store. From delicate and understated white gold, oval cut earrings to a classic and elegantly structured bracelet and the softly feminine pendant, we have pieces that pair perfectly with any style and any mood for the winter-time months.

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